Welcome to ThreeGuys Guide

Welcome to ThreeGuys Guide

Firstly, thank you for visiting!

This has been a long time coming and we’re super excited to introduce ThreeGuys Guide.

ThreeGuys Guide is made up of three best mates from London with a shared passion for making the most out of life. Whether biking through the Himalayas, fishing on tropical islands or simply seeking out local hidden gems, we’re always out to have fun.

Here at ThreeGuys Guide we aim to entertain, inform and inspire. Whether you’re traveling the world on a one way ticket or just looking to make the most of your weekend, we hope to have something for everyone…


These adventures are small, cheap and achievable. It’s about making the most of what’s on your doorstep, and the everyday extraordinary.

Tall Tales

Epic narratives, unbelievable tight spots and hilarious moments. If you’re looking for travel inspiration or just a kickass story, look no further!

Travel Hacks

If you want specifics to help plan your trip, the best places to crash or simply crave a tasty review; this is where you can find homegrown top tips from ThreeGuys.

ThreeGuys Live

 Be in the moment with ThreeGuys whilst we’re busy getting lost living.

Come along for the ride… Laugh at and learn from our tall tales and make the most out of your spare time with our Microadventure suggestions! We believe in taking the path less trodden and making our own fun!! So join us, try something new and GET LOST LIVING!!

Enjoying a Lassi in Varanasi

Massive thank you from ThreeGuys for taking the time to read our welcome post. We hope that you continue to follow our journey!!!

Peace and Love xxx

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